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A Passion Revisited May 16, 2008

Filed under: Cooking and baking and candlestick making — May-May Golly @ 2:01 pm
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So last night I did something I haven’t been doing much of lately since I started working at the restaurant. I COOKED SOMETHING. I know, right? Before I was always cooking something here and baking something there. And I have to admit, it saddens me to think that I have let that passion become neglected, put on the back burner (yuk yuk). So yesterday being my day off afforded me the perfect opportunity to do some grocery shopping and get back into the swing of things. The menu? Empanadas. Yum yum yummy to my tum tum tummy. I have never attempted such a meal before, but the pictures looked great and there you go. It’s fairly easy, it just takes some time. The nice thing about them is, that if you don’t bake them all, you can freeze them, which is lovely for those nights when your a starvin’ marvin and don’t feel like cooking anything. 400 degrees, 30 minutes. They pair quite well with beer. After which I would deffenitely recommend Breyers Cookie Dough Ice Cream afterwards. Although I really did wish I had picked up the Cookies and Cream instead. Oh well. I digress. For the recipe click here.

I’m such a messy cook, aren’t I?


Don’t they look delicious though??? MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. I can say with confidence, THEY WERE. 🙂


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