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The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

Milk or lemon? May 4, 2008

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Neither, thank you… I take only a drop or two of agave nectar. *peaceful sigh* This gives new meaning to the saying “afternoon delight”. I try to maintain the ritual of afternoon tea as much as I possibly can. And it’s sunday, which is my day of rest, which is not really a religious thing but rather, a sanity thing. It’s hard for me to stay inside when it’s so lovely outside. My garden is blooming with wild abandon….. this is truly my favorite time of year. A time to plant and sow and watch life change and sprout in front of your eyes. 

The girls continue to grow. I put them out in the lawn today in a temporary enclosure, which completely made their day! They are starting to act like big chickens now, roosting and scratching and clucking about. (After I finish this post, I realize that I must email the guy about the lumber. I mustn’t put it off any longer. They are starting to outgrow their box.) They are so cute in the grass…. they hunker down and fluff up and snuggle in for a cute little nap. I find it so amusing, for in every picture, you always see lil’ miss Greta looking straight at the camera. She’s so interactive with everything around her. I can’t wait till we can finally build them their coop and run and watch them react to it.

I feel a bit nappish. I think I shall bid you farewell for now and plan on writing more later.


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