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The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

Just call me May-may May 4, 2008

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Brittany introduced me today to the Golly Sisters, letting me know that this is who we are together, with all of our adventures and antics. I am May-may and she is Rose. Of course immediately I had to go to Amazon and check it out, determined to see what she is likening ME to! Upon taking one look at the books, I burst into uncontrollable laughter. Yes, this is a good representation of us two, I would have to admit. We even have been known to kick up our knickers like that on occasion. Or is it kick our knickers off? Well anyways. I shall now be purchasing several “I Can Read” books about The Golly Sisters to add to my ever growing collection of books. Which reminds me Britt…. we simply MUST have another jaunt to Port Townsend to the book store and the Goodwill there as well. They have the loveliest used bookstore there. Simply shelves and shelves of delightful books of all colors and size and topic. There are very few people that would patiently peruse the shelves with us, so we appreciate each other for that very reason. Hours have been spent there and armloads of books have been purchased there. She is the reason for my love affair with Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar”, much to her chagrin. She put it down and I promptly picked it up. Apparently it was disturbing that I should be reading that book during the tumult of breaking up with my husband and getting divorced. I think she’s a little too paranoid. It was a fine read at the time and I completely related to the feelings enclosed. (Perhaps that was the reason for worry.) If you have never read it, go now! It’s a good one. 

More on the topic of the Golly Sisters and their adventures…… we have a date with the blushing bride this week to review the details of her upcoming catering of her marital bliss. Oh heavens. Here we go! Bring on the artisan bread and the chilled tuscan salmon. Bust out the brie and the cottswold and the tapenade. Rustle up some spiced nuts and herbed pasta salad and chutney. Basically, we’re bringing out the big guns for this one. We’re putting on our pretty smiles and tightly crossing our fingers behind our backs. We are determined that we can do anything once we put our minds to it. So here we go. I’ll let you know how it goes. May the force be with us. Lord knows we’ll need it. 


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