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The adventures of a crazy girl trying to live a quiet, slower Provincial lifestyle in an hectic, fast paced, American society.

Cranky Pants May 1, 2008

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I feel like shit today. I rarely have these kinds of days anymore, days where I feel lethargic and foul and unmotivated and cranky. I used to have them quite a bit in the days at the ‘Bucks. So needless to say, it pisses me off to have one of these days again. Especially when it is such a glorious day outside and the birdies are all chirping cheerfully (which currently makes me want to throw bricks at them) and the flowers are blooming so sweetly… blah blah blah. I think my body must be fighting getting sick perhaps. Everyone and the kitchen sink are sick at the restaurant, it seems. Which is rather disconcerting, as it is a RESTAURANT. Where people EAT. Imagine, if you will, how fun work has been lately. These people are like a big huge Italian family and half of them are walking around grumpy as all get out. Oh yes, it’s been a hoot and a holler. And now I shall join them this evening. I shall have to keep my mouth shut, as I’m in the mood to give someone a tongue lashing. I hate it, for I am not much of an actress when it comes to how I’m feeling. They say I wear my feelings on my shirt cuffs. I know, right? I mean really! Whatever, I shall do my best and try to think positively. I shall try to think positively and NOT poke someone’s eye out with a fork. Hopefully I will NOT get all the shitty tippers, like I did last night. PLEASE PEOPLE…… if you go to a restaurant and you don’t really like what you ordered, please don’t take it out on your server by giving her a 9% tip!!! She didn’t cook the meal, nor did she force to choose that item on the menu. I swear, everyone should work in the food service industry at least ONCE in their life for the experience. And another thing, if you don’t have the money to tip properly for a meal, then STAY HOME. If you  must go out, GO TO WENDYS. I’m sure there will be  more stories as I plod down the path of being a server. You always have stories when you work with the public. Did I tell you about the time the lady asked me to spike her husband’s coffee during their anniversary dinner?? Oh yes, she came in the day before and asked if we would spike his coffee with this “Stay Awake” powder, explaining that she had had surgery a month prior and neither one of them had had sex in a while and she wanted him to stay awake to make it last longer than 5 minutes. Yes, all this she told to a complete stranger. That complete stranger being ME. All I can say is, POOR MAN. I then had to explain to her that her local italian eatery would NOT be participating in her dirty little scheme, terribly sorry. It’s against our policy. Our “at no time should you spike your customers drinks without their knowledge” policy. Again, I say, POOR MAN.

So off I go to get ready to go to work. I hope all goes well this evening. I am looking forward to coming home, making chicken soup, and begin the Tea Cozy that I’m going knit for my new Brown Betty. If you don’t know what a Brown Betty is, look it up. Or tune in for later.  


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