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The joy of being a woman in her 30s…… April 30, 2008

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I’ve been thinking a good deal about turning 31 these past few days. And then of course I had to read an article in Marie Claire by a woman who is freaking out about being in her 30s now. And then I think to myself, “should I be freaking out?”. I’m not, but should I? And how am I doing for someone who is now in her 30s? Am I healthy enough? Have I taken good enough care of myself? Should I worry about wrinkles? These are the thoughts I just entertained about 10 minutes ago. And now I’m cursing myself for ever picking that damn beauty magazine off the shelf and purchasing it. I don’t worry about things of this nature! Not usually anyways. Oh sure, I have my moments. I think any woman dating a guy 6 years younger than her has similar “moments”. These moments include noticing the wrinkles on my forehead and poking at my wobbly bits.  But when I really think about it, I’m pretty damn healthy and I continue to make changes and habits in my life that will continue to ensure this. I use coconut oil on my face at night, for coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial, ant-microbial. And then I use apricot kernel oil on my face in the morning, for it’s natural anti-aging properties. (I have my lovely Victorea to thank for this ritual.) I get compliments on my complexion all the time, so I must be doing something right. So I guess I’ll just continue to NOT worry about it, unlike some women. I’ll continue to drink my Kombucha and slather on the coconut oil. I suppose breaking out the yoga mat more than once a month would be beneficial as well. Taking the dog for more walks would be good as well. Okay, so I don’t really care for exercise, much to my chagrin. I think about it every day, mind you. Too bad that doesn’t have the same benefits as actually doing it! I do though, I think about it EVERY damn day of my life. The voice in my head usually goes something like this: “Tomorrow I will exercise! I will! I will get out my trampoline and do at least 15 minutes! And then I will do some crunches!”. Tomorrow comes and nothing of the sort happens. And then the “tomorrow” conversation takes place once again in my head. And the vicious cycle continues. Is there a pill that one can take, perhaps, that will create a desire to exercise? If there is anyone out there who knows of such a thing, you know where to find me. Alas, I do not think such a thing has been invented yet. The battle rages on. 


In other news…….. my poor cat has lost his voice. Where it has gone we have no clue. Oscar has always had more of a grunt than an actual meow, mind you, but now he opens his mouth in a meowing motion, but nothings comes out but something that resembles more of a burp than a meow or even a grunt. We were worried at first, but he seems fine. He’s eating fine, even his purr is louder than ever. He’s always eating crap he’s not supposed to, so I’m wondering if he just ate something that damaged his vocal cords. Who knows. Usually he is a smart kitty….. he must have had a moment of stupidity. Gus, my other kitty is usually the stupid one. I call him my retarded child. He fell out of a 7 story window when he was 6 months old and LIVED! Of course he’s never quite been the same since. He does annoying things now like meowing like he’s being murdered to come into the house through the front door only to run to the back door meowing like he’s being murdered to get out again. Is it because he’s too lazy to walk AROUND the house? Or perhaps it’s because he comes in and forgets what he came in for? It’s a mystery. We still love him, even though he drools a lot and stares at the sofa for long periods of time. 

The boys have been with me through a lot in my life. 2 Marriages. 2 divorces. They have snuggled me to sleep many nights as I cried in heartbreak. They are my family. My furry little friends. One of whom is now a bit of a mute little friend. He never was much of a talker. He always left that up to Gus. 

Tomorrow I’m going to bust out that yoga mat, yes I am. Or at least dust it off.


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