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Tomato, tomato….. April 27, 2008

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Re-plant tomato plants: check. Re-plant basil plants: check check. Hmmm….. do I really need 8 tomato plants? Well now, probably not. If they all survive, don’t you think they would make the nicest little gifts? “Here, I grew this lovely and delightful tomato plant for you. Go in peace and be well fed!”. 


My sunday is almost over. I have repotted plants and mowed my lawns. I have made the bread for the next couple of days, which will probably be eaten very quickly by Mr. Daniel. And now I’m sitting here with my lover watching “Sweeny Todd”, which I knew was a musical, but really! It’s all singing this and singing that. I have to admit it’s a bit of a dark comedy, which of course I always like. Minus the singing, obviously. 


On a much darker note…… I don’t understand things in this world sometimes. I just read online today about a 73 year old man who locked his daughter up for 24 years in a cellar in Austria and fathered 7 children with her. What the hell???? How????? Why???? I do not understand people and the nature of evil that they are capable of. Apparently 3 of the children were living with the father and the wife, who allegedly did not know what was taking place below her home. Again, I say, what the hell? How is THAT possible? The other 3 children saw the light of day for the first time after they were discovered. I cannot even fathom the psychological damage to those poor children, or to that 42 year old woman who has been a prisoner by her own father for the majority of her life. To read the story yourself and join me in the head shaking and the morning the loss of innocence: 



One Response to “Tomato, tomato…..”

  1. Brandy Says:

    God, I can’t read stories like that, they shake my very foundations. I know they say you can’t close out the obscenities of the world, but by God, if I don’t, I won’t be able to handle people very well on a daily basis.

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