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News in the world of me. April 23, 2008

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So I don’t work for the ‘Bucks anymore. They canned my ass after 8 years of blood, sweat, and tears. But it really did work out for the best really. I now work at a locally owned restaurant, which I enjoy immensely. I still get to work with the public, but with a fraction of the stress. Of course I don’t make quite the money I was when I was working 40 hours a week, but not too far off. And then when you think about all the money I’m saving. I’m no longer commuting…. hi, have you SEEN the price of gas lately? Yeah. And then there’s all the time I have now to invest in things such as baking my own bread, growing my own food, cooking and preparing healthy meals instead of going out to eat all the time because I was too tired and wore out to do anything else. Which in turn makes me healthier in general. Hey guess what? That saves me money too! Tons of drugs and doctor visits are rather spendy. I have found that it really is a fact that when you eat healthy organic foods you feel better and are all around healthier. I no longer have my migraines that I have suffered with for years. My day consists of getting up around 9 or 10, making a cup of tea, making breakfast, and hanging out with my boyfriend. No more getting up before the ass crack of dawn, stumbling in to work to caffeinate the population of Poulsbo. Lordy, I’m so much happier. 

So for those of you who don’t know, this is my sweet man, Daniel, boyfriend of a year now. The main reason I am almost out of debt. He’s good with money. I am NOT. (Hence the debt.) I now come home with my tips and hand them over happily to him. I have so much more in my life due to him. (Plus, he’s a tasty morsel.) He makes me laugh, he keeps me sane, he challenges me. My dog ADORES him, which can be obnoxious at times, but I deal with it. 😉 I have come to terms with the fact that I have an alpha male in the household now. He takes good care of us all really.


I also have another business venture that I have embarked on. Passion Parties. That’s right. I sell sex toys. It’s more than just sex toys, of course. I like to think I am in the business of helping women ENHANCE their relationships. ‘Cause lets face it, the first thing to go usually in a relationship is the sex. My business name is “A Girl’s Delight”. So if you would like to have a party or would like me to send you a catalog, just give me a jingle. 

Yet another business venture I am currently embarking on…… catering a wedding. Have I COMPLETELY lost my mind? Quite possibly, yes. My pal Brittany and I are catering a wedding this summer of a friend of ours. Its only cocktails and appetizers, thankfully, but it’s still a mite scary. But of course we don’t ADMIT that we are scared. Oh NO….. we are WOMEN. Yes. We are. We can handle ANYTHING. We CAN fit 10 bags of dirt and 2 Adirondak chairs into the back of a Toyota Corolla! We CAN bake our own bread and grow our own gardens and cater this wedding, damn it! Or course we’ve never done these things before now and have absolutely no clue what we are doing, but we are fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of gals. We can do anything if we put our minds to it. Plus, we both love food…. we KNOW food. (Never mind the fact that she is a vegetarian and I am NOT. We manage to find food in common.) So when Colleen was bemoaning the fact that catering for a wedding is ridiculously expensive, I came up with the hair-brained scheme that we could possibly do it for much cheaper! And so was the birth of a new side business. Could turn out to be brilliant, maybe not, but whatever the outcome I know Brittie and I will have a hoot and holler time doing it. We have dubbed our little venture “Salt & Pepper” and if we plan on doing more in the future, if all works out like we want it to, it will include not only unique catering but also in-home parties. I’m already designing the advertising magnets that will go on the side of my VW Van, the sole mode of transportation for this meals on wheels duo. I will post more details of our adventure soon.                                                                                      

So there you have a basic update of my life, the short version of course. But then, that’s what this blog is going to be for. Recording all the other insane details and shenanegans that I plan on getting myself into. For the moment, I have tomato starts that need replanting and laundry to do and a house to clean and chickens to feed. 🙂


2 Responses to “News in the world of me.”

  1. Mandapants Says:

    Oh Faithy! I am so happy for you to be out of crapbucks. I quit working there about 3 months ago now. I absolutely hated the new store and was just way way too busy with school. It sounds like things are really falling into place for you and the world is turning in the right direction for a change! You have inspired me to update my own blogs… still at myspace though. Here is my page. myspace.com/smanduh

    Tell Colleen congrats for me, and if you see anyone else tell them I really do miss them all.

    Lots of love!


  2. Brandy Says:

    You’re quite the entrepreneur there, Faithy! You always make me wish I could go through all the hair-brained (and not to hair-brained) schemes right along with you and Britt, but alas, alas…

    The bread picture looks awesome! I still want to know all about that, since it will be easy-peasy for me to do it once I’m in my lonesome little house.

    And I’d love to attach a blog onto here but I really don’t have anything nearly as interesting to talk about as you guys, heh. it’s really nice to hear from you, at least, you know I’ll definitely be checking your blog out regularly!

    Love and miss you!

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